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The efforts of the private partner and The Municipality of Shumen have been united by founding a joint-venture company “Industrial Park Shumen” A.D., which will create the industrial, trading, and logistic zone on 2 400 000 m? of land. The new company finances the project transforming the undeveloped agricultural land into a business zone with all the necessary infrastructural commodities.

Industrial Park Shumen
Industrial Park Shumen

The new industrial park in Shumen is to be completed in three stages. It will be thoroughly organized by type of business activity. At present, the first sub-zone of the industrial park is already functioning and hosts its first investors. 

As a result of our efforts, every  investor has at his disposal industrial plot supplied with the following internal and surrounding infrastructure: 

· Road access
· Electricity supply
· Sewerage
· Gas supply
· Water supply
· Optic cable

Furthermore, every industrial plot is provided with a separate development plan indicating the relative construction parameters and the allowable type of industrial activity.

All the terrains are ready and fully adapted for fast business development.

Aims and Objectives

• Constructing a modern and multifunctional business zone, created to meet the demands of rapidly developing industries;
• Improving the economic situation in the region as well as the standard of life of the population;
• Promoting the development of new business activity in the region;
• Bettering the investment climate in the region;
• Creating quality background for new companies that aim at complying with the highest standards;
• Satisfying the needs of the present and future clients by offering them a ready-to-use product provided with the required industrial infrastructure;
• Concentrating all the industrial, trading and logistic activities in the city suburbs, which will help Shumen become a healthier and a more organized European city.




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