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The idea of creating a multifunctional industrial park in Shumen was born in 2006, when the local government proposed to develop a High–Tech Park, designed to meet the needs of its potential investors. In two years, the idea was taken to a whole new level - to combine various industrial and commercial branches and represent the diversity of business today. The new and improved version was meant to become the Industrial Park Shumen.

Industrial Park Shumen
Industrial Park Shumen

The project aims at establishing a modern industrial, trading, and logistic centre, which will serve and fulfil not only the needs of the city of Shumen, but also of the entire North-East region of Bulgaria.

On September 25, 2008, the Municipality of Shumen and the private company NIKI BT have established a joint-stock company ‘Industrial Park Shumen’ A.D. in order to renew the industrial image of Shumen.

According to the Bulgarian Legislation, the Municipality of Shumen is a juridical person, situated in the central part of North-East Bulgaria. The Municipality is determined to help its citizens attain a better quality of life, to increase the competitiveness of local businesses as well as to attract new investors to the region.

NIKI BT is a joint-stock corporation with firm positions on the international trade market and great experience in managing investment projects.

Both sides succeeded in bringing their progressive ideas to life as they participate side by side in creating and then maintaining the Industrial Park Shumen.

The capital of the company, BGN 9 935 000, consists of an in-kind contribution from the Municipality of Shumen and a monetary contribution from the private partner.




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