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The Municipality of Shumen is located in the central part of the Northeastern Bulgaria. The community administrative center is the city of Shumen. It is situated in the heart of the municipality and is an ancient city with more than 3200 years of history. Throughout the centuries, Shumen has united the priceless heritage of the Roman, Thracian, and Bulgarian cultures. Through years, Shumen has established itself as a cultural and educational center of the North-East Bulgaria. The unique history, the ecological environment and the important geographical location are among the main reasons for the fast development of the region. Various museums, architectural monuments, art galleries are located in the city.

The Shumen Region shares borders with Silistra Region to the North; Dobrich Region to the Northeast; Varna Region to the East; Burgas Region to the South; Sliven Region to the Southwest; Tyrgovishte and Razgrad Regions to the West. The city has one of the most strategic positions on the Balkan Peninsula.


There are two universities in Shumen: the Shumen University “Konstantin Preslavski” and the National Military University. There are also 25 secondary schools and 7 high schools with professional orientation. The Shumen Region consists of 10 municipalities, the largest being the municipality of Shumen, comprising 26 populated areas. The municipality of Shumen covers a territory of 652.3 km?, 57.085 км? urbanized. The population of the region is 195 479 (94 775 men and 100 704 women).

All kinds of institutions are there to secure the production processes: fire stations; hospitals and medical centers; RIEW (Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water), HEI (Hygiene – and Epidemiology Inspectorate), railway- and bus stations, etc.


The Region of Shumen is one of the main economic and business centers of North-East Bulgaria. Manufacturing industry is the leading sector in the economy, providing employment to 29.1% of economically active population and generating 35% of the overall net income. The manufacturing industry is followed by trade and services – 33.6%, building sector – 8.1%, transport -6.3%, and agriculture – 5.2%. The Region of Shumen is one of the largest business and industrial centers in Northeast Bulgaria.

The city of Shumen generates 77.5% of income and 78.1% of gross production in the region. Furthermore, 80.7% of tangible fixed assets and 52% of economically active population of the region are concentrated in the city.

More than 57% of the population is economically active. This number is higher than the average indicator for the country - 55.3%. The unemployment by the end of 2008 was at 3.79% .

Among all the 28 Municipalities in Bulgaria, the Municipality of Shumen is at number 10 in overall foreign investments. In North-East Bulgaria, the region holds a second place, after the city of Varna, in attracting foreign investors. In 2006 the number of foreign companies registered in the Shumen region was 104.

Investors from more than 25 countries were interested in investing in the Municipality of Shumen. The leading foreign investor countries are Denmark, Turkey, and Spain. Main strategic foreign investors in Shumen are: “Fat metal” – Turkey, owning the majority of shares in the aluminum company “Alcomet” A.D; “Carlsberg” - Denmark, being the main shareholder in the beer brewing company “Shumensko Pivo” A.D.; and “Roca” – Spain, which owns the ceramic company “Fayans” A.D

Different industries have many possibilities for networking and cooperating in the city. Numerous associations support local businesses – The Chamber of Industry and Commerce, The Industrial and Economic Association, Business Centre, etc.


The geographical position of the region and its relief made it a major traffic junction connecting Bulgaria from East to West and from North to South. Main thruways intersect the area and connect the region to major transport passages providing a relatively effortless access to other important administrative centers and to neighboring countries.

The improvement of the road infrastructure in the Shumen Region is financed by state, by municipal budgets, by structural funds of the EU or by private budgets. Such diversity stimulates to а great extend the economic development of the region.

Following roads pass through the Municipality of Shumen:

• First Class National Road I-4: Sofia - V. Tarnovo – Shumen
• First Class National Road I-2: Ruse – Shumen – Varna
• First Class National Road I-7: Rumania – Shumen - Turkey
• Main Railway Direction: Sofia – Shumen – Varna
• Highway Sofia – Varna.

Important distances from Shumen to:

• Sofia – 360 km
• Varna (International Sea Port and Airport) – 80 km
• Ruse (Rumanian border) – 116 km
• Kapitan Andreevo (Turkey entry point) – 269 km
• Novo Selo (Greece entry point) –290 km
• Kalotina (Serbia entry point) – 417 km




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